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A Community Newspaper for the way we live is an uncensorable platform from US Military/Trump to directly alert/inform public about embedded Global evils and Q team Ops to eradicate them… thus draining the Swamp and bringing truth,  love, justice and hope to USA/World. Doesn’t this sound like a practical answer to the Lord’s Prayer?!!

Now the entire MSM tries to discredit Q. Why? Because it’s a threat to expose them? Use Logic/reason. Continue reading

The human psyche is a delicate matter. I took psychology classes from an expert professor. One story she used to tell was about being on a train with a young woman and her baby. The woman had just said goodbye to her husband. He was leaving to rejoin armed forces overseas. She boarded the train clutching her baby and crying. Aboard the train, the baby began to cry also. Eventually, this annoyance caused the passengers to turn and glare at her. Finally, my professor got up and approached the young mother. She introduced herself and asked if she might hold the baby. The distraught mother handed her the child, who ceased crying and snuggled against her shoulder. The mother was grateful. Continue reading

One of the major events in the Bible’s book of Exodus is the miraculous departure, or Exodus, of the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt. The memory of this single event is repeated over and over throughout the history of the Jewish nation. The Hebrew people had been slaves in Egypt for hundreds of years. That’s all the people knew – harsh slavery. The Pharaoh had deceitfully enslaved them and through hard labor, forced them to construct cities for him.

But once they began to call on God for help, He raised up Moses to be their deliverer. If you take time to notice, you will see that the early story of Moses really magnifies the character of five women. First on the scene are two midwives. Because they feared God more than they feared Pharaoh, they disobeyed his orders to throw newborn males into the river. Secondly, you see the faith of Moses’ mother to hide him for three months and then, unable to hide him Continue reading

The newest member of the colobus family practices some climbing skills. Photo by Kathy Street, courtesy of the Oregon Zoo.

Newest member of the primate family is now hopping, leaping and hanging by its tail

 A gravity-defying acrobatics show debuted at the Oregon Zoo this week as a 2-month-old colobus monkey began learning to climb. Though the fluffy white youngster has yet to develop the long, cape-like fur of its parents, it’s well on the way to mastering their signature climbing and leaping abilities.

“Colobus monkeys are excellent climbers,” said Colleen Reed, a keeper who cares for the zoo’s primates. “Though they don’t have thumbs, they use their long fingers as hooks to help them leap from tree to tree.”

See video of the colobus baby climbing at Continue reading

Though the answer wouldn’t be obvious to unbelievers or even to most Christians, the Bible is clear on this: it’s Jesus. Psalm 45:6-7 is quoted in direct reference to the Messiah, in Hebrews 1:8-9, where the Father says of His Son: “You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions.” Most scholars think “companions,” in context, is the whole human race that Jesus became part of in His incarnation.

Notice the connection between Christ’s righteousness and His gladness, whereas in Scripture wickedness brings misery. Ironically, we often think of ourselves as fun -loving, and of God as a humorless killjoy. But we’ve got it backward. We are the dull ones, not God. Did we invent wit, humor, and laughter? No. God did. We’ll never begin to exhaust God’s sense of humor and His love for pleasure-filled joy. Continue reading

A 5-person commission and other modest changes would bring accountability to the agency

Part 1 of this article recommended that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) be reorganized into a five-person commission.

The primary reason is to dilute the massive regulatory powers that currently reside in a single Administrator, whose agency in recent years has been responsible for fully 25% of all federal regulations, a number of which were sharply criticized as being based on faulty or insufficient evidence. Continue reading

In America’s most powerful, intrusive and costly agency, power resides in one administrator

Since President Trump’s election, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has turned off its massive regulatory printing press. The nation is still here, there have been no man-made environmental catastrophes, and job creation is quickly growing now that the business community is not under the daily fear of another regulation that will slash its profits, force it to lay off employees or put it out of business.

So far, so good. However, if America is to continue its job creation activities, it needs to continue the Trump Administration’s balance between environmental protection and creating jobs and growing businesses. Unfortunately, in the future another anti-business president could be elected. Continue reading

Darlene, one of the zoo’s two cheetahs, loves to chase balls launched by her ‘cheetahpult.’ Photo by Michael Durham, courtesy of the Oregon Zoo.

Custom-built catapult offers enriching exercise for the world’s fastest land animal

 A custom-made contraption has catapulted the Oregon Zoo’s cheetahs toward a new level of fitness. Dubbed the “cheetahpult,” it’s an 8-foot wooden device that flings a ball far enough for a cheetah — the fastest land animal on earth — to chase. After more conventional ball launchers fell short, the cheetahpult was designed and built by staff members with the zoo’s speediest residents in mind.

To watch the cheetahpult in action, visit

“I tried hitting balls for them with a tennis racket, but I could tell they wanted to run farther and faster,” said Beth Foster, a keeper at the Oregon Zoo and one of the designers of the cheetahpult. “Now that I can fling the balls to the far end of their habitat, everyone’s having a lot more fun.” Continue reading

The Constitution makes it abundantly clear that the only mechanism by which a president can be held accountable for misdeeds in office is impeachment. The reason is quite clear: the nation cannot afford to have its sitting president tied up in the ordinary workings of the justice system since he has a country to run. A subpoena is part of the ordinary workings of the justice system. Hence, President Trump is beyond its reach while he is in office.

The Constitution is also clear that after a president has left office – that is, has become an ordinary citizen again – he may be made subject to all the provisions of the criminal legal system for any illegal behavior he may have committed while in office. Bob Mueller, the special counsel, should and probably does know Continue reading

The Bible is full of stories of real people who face real challenges. One such story is about a young Jewish girl who becomes an orphan. Later, as a grown woman, she confronts a corrupt and proud politician who uses his position for personal gain. It’s a story with a bleak future unless God steps into the picture. But God does step in. He uses this orphan and her cousin, two ordinary people, to accomplish remarkable things in their country. As we review her story, you’ll see some similarities to your own, as well.

Years before our heroine, Esther, was born, Babylonia was the dominant world empire. Following its conquest of Israel, many Jews were taken to Babylon as captives. Continue reading

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