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Jim Wagner, The Northwest Connection

After all the bitter recriminations that have been fired at Donald Trump (and fallen far short of the mark), it puzzles me that no one has written an expose on the conspicuously criminal network of Hunter Biden associates. They are legion, so let’s take a look.

But first let’s consider the evidence from Hunter Biden’s own writing that he deliberately chose not to register as a foreign agent, as he was legally required to do. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2020/10/25/how-hunter-biden-attempted-to-avoid-registering-as-a-foreign-agent-n2578746  Paul Manifort was prosecuted for violation of this very same law.  https://www.wiley.law/alert-FARA_Alert-Lobbyist_Pleads_Guilty_to_Failing_to_Register_as_a_Foreign_Agent_for_Ukraine  Like Hunter Biden (and John Podesta), Manifort had unreported business in Ukraine. But unlike Manifort, Biden and Podesta were never prosecuted.

While we’re at it, I suppose we should also take a cursory look at the information released from last year’s Senate Finance Committee Report on Biden family activities in Ukraine, China etc.  https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/HSGAC_Finance_Report_FINAL.pdf  While I realize that garden variety Know Nothings and Trump haters on the left would not ordinarily put much stock in a report from the Republican controlled Senate, I thought even they might consider an exception in this case given that the report corresponds item for item with the information obtained from Hunter Biden’s emails and the documents and statements provided by his former partners.  Hunter has also been named (but not charged) in a $43 million fraud scheme against the Oglala Sioux.  https://www.stocklaw.com/securities-fraud-blog/2019/july/dunkerley-named-in-43-million-dollar-fraud-schem/   All of his former partners in that scheme have been convicted. Continue reading

Much of the focus of the Hunter Biden/Joe Biden family story, as it has been marginally covered, has been on the inappropriateness of the relationship between Hunter Biden and the Obama Administration. Rightly so–selling access to the administration to enrich and benefit the Biden family (and who knows who else) is huge news. Then there is the whole other thread of the illegality of drug-fueled underage sexual relations between Hunter Biden and others–very illegal and very concerning. But a thread that has emerged should have some prominence in reporting is the shocking discovery of treasonous selling out of American technology to China through sales approved of by the Obama administration. Technology created by Americans that have clear military applications was being shared with China via Hunter Biden’s advocacy of these Chinese firms. Why isn’t anyone reporting on this? Let’s pray that there would be subpoenas issued and more about this exposed.

Watch this recent interview by Maria Bartiromo on Fox News with author Peter Schweizer about how it all happened:

From Breitbart:
Bartiromo asked, “Let me ask you about [Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States] and the approval that a foreigner needs in order to do an acquisition in the United States. That’s one of the things that you’ve reported on that these Chinese companies needed, right? They wanted the influence of Joe Biden so that they could get approval to acquire companies. This is what Continue reading

Karen Hardin

What did you feel as you watched the debate? Certainly, I think we can all agree it wasn’t as contentious as the first debate with the two-minute muted mic rule. Immediately following the debate, it was announced that fifty million people have already cast their vote. That’s a huge concern and why I’m not a fan of early voting. Because as the old saying goes, knowledge is power, and the amount of knowledge and breaking news we have received about the Biden family and information from this last debate is a game changer that may well have changed the minds of some early voters.

Let’s fact-check candidate Biden, using his own words:

(Note: There are hyperlinks throughout this article supporting this fact-check, often using video footage of Biden contradicting his debate statements.)

1) Biden: said he never called Trump “xenophobic” regarding the travel ban, but that it was a different context.

FALSE: President Trump was one of the first, if not the first, to place a travel ban on China which took place on January 31. Of that ban, Biden criticized him and called him xenophobic. Although Biden now claims that was in a different context, it was completely in response to the travel ban.

2) Biden: “40 nations had already moved” to restrict travel from China “before the president moved.” “We started off awfully slow.”

FALSE: On January 30, WHO declared the outbreak of COVID-19 a public health emergency of international concern. They did not recommend any travel or trade restrictions against China or other affected regions at that time. However, President Trump, in an early and bold move, instituted a travel ban on China the next day. The president was mocked for his actions by Biden and the media.

3) Biden: “I’m not banning fracking! I never said it!”

FALSE: Not only did Biden say it, so did his running mate, Kamala Harris. And they have both said it a multitude of times while out campaigning.

4) Biden: “No one lost coverage with Obamacare.”

FALSE: Right here at Intercessors for America, one of the staff members shared, “Our perfectly good plan was deemed illegal because it didn’t have maternity coverage. We were forced into the Marketplace. Further, another employee had coverage through a spouse’s job with Microsoft. Once Obamacare was passed, Microsoft dumped their ‘Cadillac’ coverage for employees and the deductibles have steadily risen since then. They now offer what is basically catastrophic coverage, which is what I have with the Marketplace. As a result, neither of our families go to the doctor.” Continue reading

In social media and evening TV and radio news this year, about the most overused word this year is — “expert.” On 31 Dec 2019, “experts” in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) declared that a new respiratory illness, centered in the city of Wuhan, had been identified.

During the next few months, “experts” in the World Health Organization, together with those in the CCP, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and those opposing President Trump — all came out with their “expert” opinions on [a] degree of human-to-human transmissibility of the virus, [b] whether wearing masks, blocking travel between countries, isolating senior citizens, and isolating school children, would help prevent spread of the virus, and [c] whether business lockdowns are important, versus too damaging to the country’s economy.

Many “expert” physicians from multiple countries provided their opinions on [a] whether respirators and oxygen were beneficial to hospitalized patients, [b] how many feet apart was regarded as “safe social distancing,” [c] how long should people be quarantined after apparent exposure, and [d] whether remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, zinc, large doses of vitamin D and/or many other “therapies” were beneficial to unhospitalized patients versus hospitalized seriously ill patients. Continue reading

Jerry Newcombe

One of the most substantial issues of Election 2020 is the Left’s pledge to pack the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) if they win—a scheme neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris will disavow.

Most people don’t realize how seriously this could undermine our entire democratic republic.

In one fell swoop, they could undermine the United States, which President Lincoln labeled the “the last best hope of mankind.”

The founders gave us checks and balances in the government so that no one group would have too much power.

But we have already seen in the last half of the last century an abuse of power by one branch of government, the Supreme Court—until (for the most part) William Rehnquist became Chief Justice in 1986, thanks to Ronald Reagan. Rehnquist was able to at least slow the tyranny to some degree.

Beginning in the 1950s, the court of Earl Warren (appointed by Eisenhower) and the court of Warren Burger (appointed by Nixon), often trumped the will of the people in many significant cases.

  • They outlawed school prayer and Bible-reading as devotions (which has had the effect of outlawing the Bible in the schools—thus, banning the very book that historically gave birth to schools in America).
  • They removed the Ten Commandments from the schools and later were shocked when kids without any values violated the “Thou shalt not kill” command that they never were exposed to.
  • The runaway Supreme Court unleashed pornography on society and ordered by judicial fiat abortion on demand. To this day, abortion is still a controversial issue because we the people did not make this ruling.
  • Another whopping example of judicial tyranny (post-Burger Court) was the 2015 same-sex marriage ruling.

Continue reading

Rachel Dawson, Policy Analyst, Cascade Policy Institute

Vlad Yurlov, Policy Analyst, Cascade Policy Institute

Metro’s Transportation Tax Will Overspend on Underused Projects

What could you do with $7 billion? That’s the question on a lot of people’s minds as the Metro regional government pushes a permanent transportation tax this November. The tax will be paid by employers at workplaces with 26 or more workers, including nonprofit organizations. Metro, however, exempted itself and other local governments from paying the tax. Many of these projects will end up causing more problems in the future, creating congestion and redundancy and saddling us with more public debt.

The crown jewel of Metro’s transportation tax program is the Southwest Corridor light rail line extension, which is expected to cost $2.8 billion. This project encapsulates many of the problems in this measure. Southwest Corridor is an 11-mile extension of the MAX Green Line from Portland State University to the Bridgeport Village luxury mall. The draft environmental impact statement for the project concludes it will increase congestion at 46 intersections during the PM peak and 30 intersections during the AM, compared to only 36 and 14 intersections otherwise. Multiple I-5 ramps will see increases in congestion during both peak hours.

While some argue that light rail investments will get people out of their cars, much of light rail ridership comes from commuters who already ride public transit. Furthermore, light rail ridership has decreased by roughly 65% since the beginning of the pandemic, and many riders won’t return because CDC recommends that employees avoid transit. Roughly $2.8 billion will be spent on a rarely used facility that will worsen our region’s congestion. Continue reading

You may have heard about the “found” laptop full of information on Hunter Biden’s dealings with China. Pictures. Videos. Emails. Maybe you have heard about the 26,000 emails that have been shared with Peter Schweizer by one of Hunter Biden’s former associates. If you haven’t, you are in the majority. The news is NOT reporting about it. Social media is censoring it. Few Americans are aware of the truth. That is a story in itself. The media is censoring and suppressing the truth about the Hunter Biden, (and Joe Biden) big money relationship with China and Russia.

From Breitbart News:

In an op-ed published in the Hill titled “Censoring the Biden Story: How Social Media Becomes State Media,” legal scholar Jonathan Turley criticized social media giants Facebook and Twitter for their censorship of a recent story from the New York Post which could be damaging to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign.

Breitbart News recently reported on the story that indicated that Joe Biden may have met with an adviser to the board of Burisma while he was Vice President, arranged by his son Hunter, who was working as a lobbyist for the company at the time. Joe Biden has previously said, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

But, the leaked emails allegedly show that Hunter introduced his father to a Bursima executive less than a year before Biden, acting as Vice President, pressured the Ukrainian government into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company. Shortly after the story broke, many found themselves having trouble sharing it across social media. This censorship comes just weeks after executives from both Facebook and Twitter joined the Biden transition team. Continue reading

David Wojick, PhD

Reality is far more complicated, but agenda-pushing activists don’t want to discuss it

The screaming headline said “Black Americans 2.5X more likely than whites to be killed by police.” The statement is false. It is the kind of assertion that is used to claim police are systemically racist. It leads to fewer police, fewer arrests, more crime, more racial discord, and more innocent black deaths.

Accurate, honest statistics show just the opposite. When police must use deadly force, whites are more likely to be killed than blacks. But we rarely see these statistics, because they do not support claims of systemic, systematic racism against blacks. The statistics we do see are too often agenda-driven.

The sad reality is that, as a percentage of their total American population, black deaths by police are around 2.5 times white deaths. But this has nothing to do with likelihood, because the vast majority of people of both races have near-zero likelihood of being killed by police.

In fact, up to 88% of people killed by police were armed and being arrested at the time of their deaths. Such people are indeed at greater risk of being killed. However, racism has nothing to do with it. Continue reading

Duggan Flanakin

Evan Sayet’s The Woke Supremacy provides answers we cannot afford to ignore

Political comedian Evan Sayet says he has long dedicated himself to conserving and promoting the American values that have given him freedom and allowed him to pursue his life of liberty and happiness. His new book, The Woke Supremacy, lays out the history and characteristics of “Wokeness.”

However, in failing to examine the origins of this totalitarian intolerance, he misses the critical difference between old-style Marxism, so-called “Democratic socialism,” and “cultural Marxism” as first delineated by the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci and employed by Chinese dictator Mao Zedong.

That’s okay, though, because Sayet masterfully describes how these subversives operate and lays out the tactical principles (and lack of moral principles) that drive them. Their goal, he says, is to replace Western civilization with a nihilist premise that everything about Western culture is evil.

One fruit of this evil, poisonous tree is that Western society is so racist, Woke activists assert, and so fraught with multiple other evils that it cannot be repaired. Instead, it must be eradicated and replaced.

Philosopher, historian and self-defense advocate Sam Jacobs summarizes the origins of Wokeness by reviewing Gramsci, who spent a decade in Mussolini’s prisons and rejected the twin ideas of a dictatorship of the proletariat and direct ownership of the means of production as losing propositions. Continue reading

Scot Faulkner

Their 1619 Project would eviscerate, denigrate and replace American history with racist lies

Leftists have launched what they hope can be their final assault on America. Their goal is to obliterate everything good that America ever did or aspired to achieve, erase its citizens’ memories, and sow the seeds for future generations to revile and reject everything that is decent and noble in our country.

They intend to fundamentally change America’s historical narrative away from events and circumstances that made our country the world’s beacon of hope for freedom and representative government. They intend to replace well-documented reality with a false narrative of America being the scourge of the world, based on its enslaving and stealing from minorities to enrich and aggrandize white ruling elites.

Their plan is called the “1619 Project,” an alternative history curriculum for American elementary and secondary students. It was announced in July 2019 with a series of front-page stories in the New York Times, and other major newspapers, explaining its content and the need to:

“reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.” Continue reading

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