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Pastor Bill and Carol Ehmann

We were very saddened to learn that Pastor Bill Ehmann passed away on August 19th after a long illness. Bill was a good friend, counselor, and pastor to my husband Frank and me when we resided in Fairview Village, several years ago.

Bill was also associated with the Northwest Connection, contributing Scripture-based articles, faithfully, each month. His messages were always so gentle and loving; always touching upon the day-to-day issues we all experience as we “do life.” “Doing life” was one of Bill’s favorite expressions and his heart-felt messages were always “spot on.”

Bill and his loving wife Carol were neighbors of ours, when we lived in Fairview Village. Their door was always open. If anyone needed help, Bill and Carol were always there. And, if admonishing was called for, Bill would admonish firmly, honestly, and most-of-all, gently and lovingly.

Bill was born in Colorado and his sermons often referred to his boyhood “on the farm.” He met Carol, the love of his life, when they were students at Biola University, Bill continued his studies and graduated from Talbot Theological Seminary. Bill is survived by his wife Carol, their two sons, David and Allen, and two grandchildren.

Pastor Bill was 78 years old when he died. He served a total of 35 years at Wood Village Baptist Church, 26 of them as Senior Pastor.

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