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Justus Armstrong

Are we failing Oregon’s foster kids? A January audit from the Secretary of State uncovered serious shortcomings in how Oregon’s Department of Human Services has handled foster care, including chronic mismanagement and irresponsibility, overburdened caseworkers, and a common practice of children with nowhere else to stay having to sleep in hotels or their caseworker’s office.

Oregon’s child welfare system is deeply flawed and in need of reform. Many internal reforms to Oregon’s DHS have been recommended, but Oregon could take additional steps to improve the situation by contracting out child welfare services to private agencies. Doing so would relieve the overburdening of the state agency and allow other organizations and members of the community to assume responsibilities that the state has failed to fulfill. Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

What a tangled web Bloom weaves, since first it practiced to deceive.

By Paul Driessen and Clint Laird

Bloom Energy executives, investment bankers, venture capitalists, politicians, regulators and others involved in advancing Bloom’s business, reputation and financial dealings are living the complicated life that flows from lying. Lies typically start small. Often, they’re small deceptions. But deceptions can metastasize into a tangled web of lies that threatens corporate survival, as truth intrudes over time from all sides. Continue reading

Greg Walcher

But I meant you – not me! We’re supposed to be exempt from rules we inflict on others.

Have we become a society of people who want to regulate others, but not ourselves? We laugh at those who suddenly object to a policy that seemed perfectly OK when (they thought) it only applied to others.

We make fun of Al Gore demanding that “we” end “our” fossil fuel use, while he travels the world in private jets and SUVs. We chortle about politicians and Hollywood stars advocating gun control while surrounded by heavily armed bodyguards. Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

Permanently bury these job-killing proposals, after pounding wooded stakes through their hearts

The House of Representatives recently passed a sense of Congress resolution that a carbon tax would kill jobs, damage the revitalized U.S. economy, and disproportionately impact poor, minority and working class families. The vote also reflects the fact that America is still over 80% dependent on fossil fuels – and helps explain why a misguided Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) was able to convince only one colleague (Brian Fitzpatrick, R-PA) to cosponsor his carbon tax bill back in July. In the meantime: Continue reading

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court despite vicious, cruel, and slanderous opposition represents a high water mark in American politics. It represents the victory of order over chaos, rationality over insanity, and the rule of law over disorder and violence.

It represents the victory of the Constitution over anarchy, the victory of a republican form of government over democracy – which is just another name for mob rule – and the victory of Jesus Christ over Satan in the unseen world. Continue reading

Did you know the Bible is a love story? At first glance, it can seem like a thick history book filled with random people, hard-to-follow rules, and nearly impossible stories. But at its core, the Bible is a love story between God and people. It also includes human romance, and one such story is captured in the short book of Ruth. Hidden within its handful of pages is one of the most significant and intriguing concepts of the entire Bible: the kinsman-redeemer. If that term sounds foreign to you, let me show you how it applies to each and every one of us today.

Ruth, for whom the book is named, was raised in the land of Moab, southeast of Israel. The two nations were not always on friendly terms. While she was young, a famine hit all of Israel, resulting in some families moving to her country to survive. A family with two boys moved from Bethlehem to Ruth’s hometown. One of the boys fell in love with Ruth and married her, but in the span of ten short years, he and his brother and their dad had all Continue reading

Like many of my fellow Americans, I wept for Brett Kavanaugh watching him deliver his powerful, heartfelt and facts-filled opening statement at the hearing. Witnessing the evil Democratic smear machine’s destruction of this great man’s character and life was heartbreaking.

Reasonable Americans must conclude that the 36-year-old, evidence-less, sexual assault allegations against him are false. Making the point that the smear of Kavanaugh is gutter politics at its unprecedented lowest, Newt Gingrich said even the 10 democrats at the hearing know the sexual assault allegations are false. Continue reading

By Connie Warnock

Every day we are subjected to media. Media is rarely positive. Positive does not sell air time or magazines. Disaster does. Disaster also sells drugs to make us “feel better” and try to function in a more productive way. Society has always had its easy ways out.

My theory is this: the more one can focus on one’s immediate situation and surroundings, the better. This means: make a friend; phone a friend; see a friend. Know you are needed, because you are. Be a realist. Stay away from delusions. Focus on yourself and pay attention to you. Maybe you choose to pay attention in a manner that is a bit unusual – just do it. You are the one who can save your own life. Continue reading

Clackamas County Clerk, Sherry Hall

Sherry has always been inspired by public service. Since her election as County Clerk in 2002, Sherry has devoted herself to bringing high ethical standards, effective and cost efficient management practices, the benefits of new technology, and high quality customer service to the office of Clackamas County Clerk. Sherry, in her role as County Clerk, oversees a wide range of responsibilities including: The Board of Property Tax Appeals, Elections, Recording including issuing Marriage Licenses and the Records Management Division including US Passport Services.

Sherry brought innovation to the Clerk’s Recording Division with the E-Recording program allowing for the electronic filing of property documents. This program saves customers time, reduces costs, and helps the environment by decreasing the amount of paper and vehicle traffic to the office.
Sherry continues her efforts to protect the integrity of the election process by keeping politics out of the office, implementing effective and cost efficient practices and technology, and to do her best to serve each and every citizen of Clackamas County. Continue reading

Bryan Fischer

The left has been whipped into a froth by the prospect of removing President Trump from office by using the 25th Amendment. Reading comprehension has never been a long suit of regressives – they routinely distort, mangle, bend, fold, spindle, and mutilate the words of the right to accuse them of something they did not say. Well, if reading comprehension is their problem, they have outdone themselves on this one.

The 25th Amendment, added in the 1960s after the assassination of President Kennedy, provides that if the president is removed from office, through impeachment, death, or resignation, the Vice-President “shall become President.” As odd as it may seem, there was no constitutional directive on this matter before. It was routinely done, as a matter of custom, but the Constitution itself was strangely silent on this subject before the 25th Amendment. Continue reading

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