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 Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-life Union:

The crazies get crazier! Miss World America organization is under fire after stripping 20 year old Kathy Zhu of her Miss Michigan World title for her support of President Donald Trump.

Apparently, she also tweeted about ‘black on black crime’ which even black people know is a real concern.

Another faux pas, according to the Michigan World pageant organizers, was miss Zhu made a tweet about trying on hijabs.

Let me think about this, if I was asked: “Day, want to try on a hijab?” My response would be: “Hijab? No way Jose!”

The thing is, it also wouldn’t make any sense for random folks to try on yamakas, a nun’s habit, or prayer cloths just for the heck of it. So, what’s the beef here?

Think about it, is this really where we are in America?

At one time in our country (including the sometimes spaced out pageant world) it was considered a good thing to be an individual, to stand out–to stand up, to be patriotic, and true to yourself.

It seems miss Zhu is a bit too opinionated, a tad too conservative and way too patriotic to represent her state in the pageant that she, for all intents and purposes, seems qualified to win.

Which, by the way is very reminiscent of 1976, when the Miss Delaware Pageant organizers attempted to strip me of my title because I was just too black for them.

This is my encouragement to Kathy: This string of unfortunate events will show up as a mere blip on the screen of life. Trust me. Continue to be who you are dear girl…stay strong, live long–and prosper!


SOURCE Day Gardner

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