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Edmund Pierzchala, The Northwest Connection

Democratic Party has been taken over by radical leftists, who no longer hide their support for a violent takeover of the country for the cause of yet another Marxist utopia. If Trump wins in November, there will be incessant riots, we are told. If Trump doesn’t win, we can likely say good-bye to many Constitutional freedoms, including the first two amendments.

I want to share my perspective as someone who grew up under communist regime in Poland, studied its history and philosophy (as required in all University programs) and saw it fall in 1989 under the political pressure and the weight of its own contradictions and inefficiency.

First, when I came to the US in September 1989, just weeks before the Berlin Wall was taken down, I was convinced that the evil of Marxism has been defeated for good. Election rhetoric surrounding Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 and his eventual ascent to the White House opened my eyes: the radical left are not dead, and no longer confined to the nooks of academia, where their ideas live in peace and quiet, interrupted only by the clunking of Birkenstock-clad professorial feet.

Leftism was and continues to be on the rise in this country, and after a four year long barrage of lies and fabrications aimed at President Trump, it now brought fearmongering on the wave of COVID-19 and widespread shutdowns hurting the economy (booming under Trump), street riots, and fires in the suburbs. A local business property South-East of Portland, owned by a vocal conservative and Republican supporter was damaged by suspected arson, the resulting fire destroying a nearby house and nearly destroying a private music school. The fight has indeed been brought to the suburbs, as we were told.

Violence is the modus operandi of leftists, from the French Revolution to the last century, with Bolshevik Revolution and Spanish Civil War as sobering examples, to Cuba, Nicaragua, and most recently the US. What is important to understand is that despite their riding on moral high horses, radical leftists are motivated by the lowest of human instincts: greed, power lust, envy, sexual debauchery and contempt for their fellow human beings, sometimes coupled with existential despair and dabbing in spiritual darkness, including occult. If you study the lives of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and other ideological leaders of the radical Left, you will find those and other dark sides of the human soul in abundance.

Intimidation and terror are the ultimate tools of the Marxist revolutionaries, when their thinly disguised lies about their noble causes wear off. We can see this in the rhetoric and actions of Black Lives Matter, here and today. We can see it in innumerable cases in history. After the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953, it took three years to declare that his rule was marked by ideological errors and the “cult of individual.” The legacy of terror left behind by the dictator paralyzed all the decision makers. In 1956, the Soviet Communist Party condemned Stalin’s rule and declared widespread changes, later dubbed The Thaw, a wave that spread across all of Eastern Bloc and brought a degree of liberalization in politics and daily life.

We are threatened with more terror if we vote for Trump. While not a perfect man (I had very serious doubts myself in 2016), he is in my opinion a God-send and the only chance for our country to exist in a shape we all know.

So don’t be fooled by never-Trumpers who will vote for an Independent candidate, that political Unicorn, nor be intimidated by the radical Left. The riots will likely continue for a while if Trump wins, by inertia, but the Left will inevitably shift the tactics, just like they already did several times in the last few months. I don’t know what their new weapon will be, but I can imagine direct threats growing against Trump, and anything else that they historically used. After the elections, Trump will be free to move decisively against the Left’s onslaught, and I have little doubt about whether he will.

If Trump loses, he can still install a Supreme Court Justice, and beyond that not all will be lost, although our country may suffer severe setbacks in the area of Constitutional freedoms.

But here is something you may or may not know: Marxists are not invincible. Neither are their policies. While Communism rode into Poland on Soviet tanks at the end of WW II, Polish people never gave up. Early on, Communists implemented an agrarian reform, promising land for the farmers, but quietly planning collectivization of farming (of course as a form superior to individual farming), the way it was done across the rest of the Soviet Bloc. Collective farming, that miraculous economic solution that starved millions of people in the Soviet Union nearly to death, never took root in Poland, except in a few insignificant spots. Four and a half decades later people of Poland chased the “workers’ paradise” out of their country.

I will argue that as a communist takeover of the US may have been attempted in the past, and it failed, it will fail this time as well. No matter who wins in November (I pray and hope it’s Trump), the US lacks the economic, cultural, political, intellectual, historical and all other conditions required for Communism to win, long term. The US has too many vibrant conservative intellectual and political centers, grass-roots traditions of freedom and republican (as in republic) government, and sheer love of personal liberty, all of which are too strong to allow us to drown in the muddy waters of Marxist debauchery.

Despite decades of brainwashing by the government schools and the cancel culture in the streets, we are not Czarist Russia, with its Orthodox hierarchy anointing every ruler as one chosen directly by God (which became awkward once Stalin started demolishing churches and sending clergy to Siberia with one-way tickets), nor Maoist China.

Freedom will prevail. But it will not happen without our involvement, and maybe even personal sacrifice.

Please make sure you get the ballots in time and hand-deliver them to the elections’ office.

In God we trust.

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