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TJ Saling Caldwell, Director, Apple of His Eye Charities

Recently a friend posted on Facebook showing V.P. Pence speaking at a prayer rally at Washington, DC, on September 26th describing it as “Disgusting” and then claiming the gathering of over 100,000 was no more than a political, white supremacy rally in support of Trump. With all the violent riots happening across the country labeled as peaceful, I was floored this prayer event could be seen as disgusting?!

I was not sure how to respond. Unfortunately, in our society right now being white and an evangelical Christian is not very popular and we’re encouraged to stay quiet. Although I agree all of us need to be slower to speak and quicker to listen, now is not the time to cower or act timid about our beliefs. I think we approach each situation carefully with prayer.

I do not begin to say I have all the answers, nor do any of us. We might disagree on certain matters, but I think we should use these disagreements as a time to learn from each other, not let them cause a divide. Although I am very blessed, I did not come from a pampered, white privileged background.

I am a good portion American Indian. My parents and grandparents came through extreme poverty and adverse conditions. This country is made up of gut-wrenching stories and incredible testimonies on all sides. We are all in this together. Respecting and supporting Persons of Color (POC) should not mean feeling guilty and remaining quiet.I do not want to sound insensitive. I hate racism, I know it happens, but I do not agree with the narrative that is being foisted upon us which is full of lies and manipulation. The numbers and the facts do not support that racism is suddenly Trump’s fault, or the police are to blame, or that our country hasn’t made incredible strides forward in this area. I especially do not agree that somehow violence, division and hatred are the way to get what we want, and that we cannot love one another if we disagree.

It seems there is an agenda to create a divide between political parties and put us against one another. What used to be differences of economic policies now includes color, race, morals and religious beliefs.

I keep thinking of the Rwandan genocide of 1994. When I first learned about what happened it seemed unimaginable. I wondered how that could ever happen—neighbor against neighbor—even family members killing their own family because they bought into a lie that put one tribe against another. The lies were mainly spread by the airways (radio). Other countries were also responsible in creating the divide. One group was convinced that the other group was evil and needed to be eliminated. I am simplifying the story but I’m trying to point out that when we buy into the lie that hate and violence is the way to get what we want, we will only regress as a society.

I’m reading a book by Malcolm Muggeridge “Christ and the Media” from the 1970’s. Basically, it says whoever controls the media controls the masses. This man was a well-known journalist as well as an atheist. He eventually came to Christ and spoke out about the ills of the manipulation of the media. He also spoke out against socialism after experiencing it firsthand.

This could not be truer right now. Media today is controlled by a powerful progressive movement that is determined to destroy the godly principles this nation was founded upon. We’ve stood by as our history is being revised and retold (preschool – college) encouraging our younger generation to turn against our own nation. God has been pushed out and replaced with worshiping and submitting to mother earth. Our freedom is being sacrificed for government control. The mindset now is government is responsible for our well being. Good is called evil and evil is called good, even to the point of celebrating evil.

The path this nation is on of removing God, killing babies, worshiping sex, and destroying the nuclear family (all of which hurts POC as much as the rest of us) will be its demise.
George Washington said at the beginning of this nation as he dedicated it to the Lord that if this nation fell, it would only be because we turned away from the Lord; That our destruction would come from within our borders as we turned on each other and away from God. He said the day that happened God’s hand of protection would be taken away.

9/11 was evidence of God’s protection being removed. That attack on our nation happened at the same location that President Washington made that declaration. Unfortunately, since 9/11 we have only moved further away from the Lord.

This is a spiritual battle that must be fought on our knees, humbly seeking God. The prayer rally at the capital was called “The Return” started by Jonathan Cahn, a Jewish, Messianic Rabbi, and involved people of all color and nations coming together to repent and return to God. There is a political battle for this nation, but the spiritual battle is even greater. Let’s stand firm, speak truth and let our prayer language be the loudest!

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